Why Workmines Website is Down

Earlier in the day, Members of the Pay-Per-Impression website Workmines woke up and found they could no longer access the website. Sending fears that they may have been scammed again.

Workmines pays people to watch videos on its website, and charges for different upgrade levels.

A quick search through the videos shows a number of trailers from Netflix, and music videos among others.

Imagine watching videos on YouTube and getting paid while at it. Now that is what Workmines offers it’s 450 000 plus active members!

They also pay additional income for referrals and you can get that paid alongside your personal income every week.

There were mixed reactions on social media, with some members remaining hopeful while others agreeing with those who were laughing at them that they had been scammed.

However, in an email, WorkMines has explained that the reason their website is off, is because of the upgrades they were making.

Before it went off, they had added few more categories to its earnings menu.

In an email, Workmines says the website will be back on by tomorrow, and that their members shouldn’t be worried.