how to make money without a job? It’s easy if you do it smart!

Recently the employment ratio is going down like crazy in many countries! And because of that, it’s becoming harder and harder to find a dream job for you and live your life peacefully. So today we are going to talk about “how to make money without a job“.

Getting a 9 to 5 job is not everything in your life. Because everyone has their own purpose for living and money is considered as an important factor in everybody’s life. But it doesn’t mean that A 9 to 5 job is the only option you have and waste your whole life behind it!

No one is perfect in this world although everyone has their own specialties so you should focus on it and turn your passion into profession.

Jobs are good when it comes to consistency and fixed salaries but they’re not that good if you want to be your own boss and don’t prefer to work underneath anyone. Then there are many ways to make money without a job if you want!

Nowadays jobs are rather an option for everyone than a necessity to make a living. The world is developing so does the people also! so don’t worry if you don’t have a proper job and keep on reading the article to know “How to make money without a job“!

So let’s first start with the easiest and most popular way to make money without a job from home!

Staring a YouTube Channel

Recently YouTube is growing like crazy! and paying millions of dollars to the producers worldwide! which is a solid proof how much money you can make on youtube if you work hard and have enough patience you are most likely to end up making a good monthly income working from home.

Making money without a job can be difficult for many people but if you know the right way then it becomes much easier to start making money without a job.

YouTube is the 2nd most used search engine in the world which is a great opportunity if you work properly and constantly. The only requirement to start a profitable YouTube channel is a smartphone and an internet connection. If you got these two basic things then start making some useful quality content and keep uploading it on YouTube after some time apply for monetization when your channel have 1k subscribers and 4,000 hours of watch time.

Starting a Website/Blog

If you want to make money from home without a job then nothing is better than starting a website or blog where you can share your personal thoughts and information which is useful for everyone. Now for making money through this method, you’ll need to set up a blog/website first.

You can either choose the free blogging platforms or pay some annual fees to third-party hosting companies and domain name providers if you want to start this seriously. Where you get full control over your blog/website.

In order to make money from a blog or website, you can use various monetization networks such as affiliate marketing and Google Adsense. However, you’ll not start generating any revenue in one or two weeks. You’ll need to have patience and work for at least 6 months to get any money out of it!

Starting A Dropshipping Business

Nowadays, Dropshipping is quite popular among many people because of its high revenue model. To make money from this method you’ll need to invest some money and time also! but compared to other methods this one is really high paying!

If you have no idea about dropshipping then let me explain it to you. Dropshipping is a kind of affiliate marketing model but not similar to it. In this, you have to create an online e-commerce store and sell third-party products with a good amount of profit margin.

In drop shipping, you can literally set whatever price you want for a product! But keep in mind that it’s not too high otherwise you may end up generating no sales at all! There is much useful information available on the internet about running a dropshipping business properly

If you don’t have any experience regarding making a successful drop shipping store then consider using YouTube for learning it completely and start a profitable e-commerce store in a shorter period of time.

Getting Paid For Selling Music

If you love music and if you think music is everything for you then this method is going to be awesome for you to make money without a job! The EDM music industry, also known as electronic dance music is growing like crazy!

People like Alan Walker and marshmello are one of the most successful personalities in this field while making a hell lot of money out of it! If they can then you can also! but for doing this you need to be interested in music because you will need to produce some good quality music which should be able to stand out from others!

If you want to start out in this field then you can use software like fruit loops, Logic, Ableton which are really helpful for beginners and free to use also! When you start creating some interesting music then start uploading it on popular music sharing platforms like SoundCloud and Spotify etc. Because if any producer founds your music interesting then it might be a jackpot for you!

Learning Stock Market!

When it comes to stock market everyone starts to think about Warren buffet right? because he is the most successful person in this field until now. But many people prefer to avoid stuff like stock market why? because of the high-risk factors of course! “No pain No gain”.

If you want to make money without a job then the stock market can be a really interesting field for many people because if you master the art of it then no one can stop you from making money from your home like a boss!

However, it takes time and proper management to be successful in this field you’ll have to start with the basics and if you have already decided that you want to go with this method be practical and start investing in small amounts of shares at first! after that as you gain experience you can go for the high-ticket ones!

You can use YouTube and the internet to get a bunch of basic information about the stock market and open a demat account if you don’t have one which is the basic requirement for trading shares in the stock market!

If you don’t know what a demat account actually is then let me clear this for you. A demat account is a special kind of account which is created for shareholders so they can easily buy and sell their shares in the stock market when they happen to know that the price of their particular share is going high!

Starting A Drone Videography Business

If you are someone who doesn’t want to get involved in complicated stuff and still looking for how to make money without a job then this option is going to surprise you for sure! or I could say this one is a little bit fun to do the job for many people.

In this 21st century, technology is growing like crazy with an increasing number of money making opportunities. When the drones first became available for public usage the majority of the people looked it as a way of entertainment and nothing more than a remote control flying toy but, the people always find a way to make money from literally everything!

The same happened with the drone because instead of playing with this many people mastered it’s controlling and by using a camera mounted powerful drones they started offering videography services through their drone camera! which was a really unique idea to get fast-paced action shots and also take pictures of places which are not suitable for photography or videography.

So what are you waiting for? go to a local drone shop nearby or order one online (only order a drone which comes with a high-quality camera if you are serious about this) and take a good feel for its controls by using it for few month or weeks and when you are sure you are capable of taking perfect shots of weddings and special occasions then start offering the service to people and see the results!


So it’s not like that you can’t live a regular life if you don’t have a permanent job for you. In today’s modern world there are lots of ways to make money without a job by simply working from home! but you need patience and hard work for most of these methods.

If you found even a bit of useful information in this article then do me a small favor and share this amazing article with your friends and family members so they can also start making money! And let me know your best method to make money without a job by commenting in the comment section down below.