6 Proven Ways How To Make Money With Amazon

Everybody wants to earn some extra cash from their spare time they have right? Because who doesn’t like the money? There are many people online who teach you new and different ways to earn money online. I don’t want to burst your bubble of hope but, most of them are scammers who literally make money from poor people like us.

Instead of trying those fake methods to make money online you should try to implement which is more legit and can generate passive income if done properly.

So Today I am going to tell you “How To Make Money With Amazon”.

Nowadays, The multinational E-commerce Company Amazon is growing like crazy!

As the founder of Amazon, billionaire Jeff Bezos has provided many online money making opportunities to thousands of people worldwide. Which is really an interesting and useful thing and should be appreciated by everyone.

now if you want to make money with Amazon then we have listed some legit ways on How To Make Money With Amazon.

1. By Publishing Your Own Written E-Books On Amazon

Amazon believes in providing the best they can to satisfy their customers worldwide. And they can’t ignore the fact that there are many book readers worldwide which serves as a huge customer base for them.

To make their presence in that market they launched a program known as Kindle e-book where you can buy and sell your own e-books also.

If you have an interest in reading and want to buy some quality e-books then amazon kindle is the place for you! But if you want to make money from home by writing or sharing your personal experience then this option would be a good choice for you.

You can do this task if you own a laptop or PC, By writing e-books and sharing thoughts/information with the world.

In order to generate some sells, make sure that your e-books are high-quality and one of kind also.

2. Setting Up A Store Front

Are you one of the people who loves to create something Extra-ordinary from ordinary things? If your answer is yes then you might be able to make some money with Amazon by setting up a storefront.

The Only thing you have to do is create your unique and quality products which can be sold online. And then signup for an Amazon storefront service on their official website amazon.com.

If you need any guidance regarding setting-up a storefront then you can always use YouTube or any other informational blogs out there!

You have to be creative enough to create unique products like art, Crafts, Decorative Items to generate some sells quickly. While Paying attention to the quality of your products to help them stand out from other products and move you up in the rankings also!

Now let’s move on to our third method on How To Make Money With Amazon

3. Directly Sell Items Online On Amazon As An Individual Seller.

Recently the online e-commerce sites are making a huge amount of money because of their high-quality and good services along with discounts. which attracts more buyers to buy things online rather than going to the local market.

They provide a free home delivery service most of the times. So it will be a good opportunity for local sellers who runs a local shop offline. Because you will be able to reach a more targeted audience as your buyers and the process will be much easier compared to offline.

The only thing you have to do is a signup for an individual seller account on Amazon where you will have to pay Negligible fees compared to the profit.

You will be able to sell up to 40 different kinds of items online in various categories.

If you really are a business person then you should give it a try if you want to enter the e-commerce world.

Get in contact with one of your local parcel service providers to deliver the items to your customers. Only if you are not using the Amazon fulfillment service provided by them.

Again If you need any guidance related to setting up an individual seller account on Amazon, You can always head out YouTube and other sources.

The next method to make money with Amazon is quite popular let’s talk about it!

4. Using The Amazon Affiliate Program To Monetize Your Blog Or Website

you might have heard of affiliate marketing lately on social media or any other blogs also right? Because it’s a quite popular method for making money online among web-developers, Bloggers and Entrepreneurs.

Don’t worry if you don’t know anything about affiliate marketing we are here, to provide you enough information about it so you can get started easily and starting earning some real money!

When any company or organization starts it uses promotions or affiliates to make a presence in the market. So did the Amazon, They started an affiliate program known as “Amazon Associates”.

NOTE: This Program is not available in some countries.

In this program, you have to advertise Amazon’s products through your affiliate link. you can sign-up here if you want to join the associate’s program.

When anybody makes a successful purchase through that link you get some commission from the total price of the product. The commission rates differ for different categories available on Amazon.

you can visit this link If you want to see the commission structure for Amazon affiliates program. For example, you get more commissions for products like women’s wear and clothing, books, etc.


But you need to build an audience if you want to make any money with Amazon affiliates.

If you have a great social media following on any popular platforms like Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter. Then you can easily promote your affiliate links there and if someone likes that product than you might be able to make some commissions from it.

But If you are not that popular on social media then it would be a problem because you will have to build a blog or website, In order to generate enough traffic so you can easily generate some sells and make some money with Amazon by working from home!

Nowadays, Blogs and websites are very easy to make. If you are not a techy kind of person and don’t know how to create a blog or website, You can outsource this work to freelancing websites like Fivver, Freelancing, PeoplePerHour, etc.

5. Working as an Amazon employee with others

If you seriously want to make persistent money with money then I would suggest you join the Amazon team! Yes, you heard that right if you really want to work with Amazon then you can work as an employee with them.

Amazon’s shipping centers are quite popular and post a regular job opening for everyone. However, you can’t do this job from home because you have to work as an employee.

If you decide to work at one of the shipping centers of Amazon then you should be willing to live nearby and be available on the time.

Always read the job descriptions and other related things carefully before applying to it to avoid possible problems like Payment issues, Proper Working Hours, Other Taxes or charges make sure to get all the required information.

We have the last method which is more suitable for the people who loves to ride around the town let’s know what it is.

6. Working For Flex Delivery Transportation Services

Do you love to ride or roam around different places? Then this job would be a better option for you. Because you can signup as a flex delivery service provider. Amazon hires peoples to deliver their packages to customers.

If you have made up your mind to work with them then all you have to do is download the flex app on your android/ios or signup for the program. Once you get registered you will get a list of packages which are available to deliver in your area on your smartphone.

But the important thing to keep in mind is that you need to have your own transportation service to do this work.

They will pay you on a per work/hour basis. You may not get more work if you are living in an area where more parcels don’t come. Or it can be the opposite of that also, in case the number of parcels in your are is high then you are more likely to get enough work for you!


If you really want to earn money with Amazon by working from home then you should at least give it a try to any of the methods listed above.

Again, Never waste your time in doing jobs like ads clicking and captcha filling if you want to make a living from online income.

So that was it, for now, guys I really hope that you got the information you were looking for related to “How To Make Money With Amazon By Working From Home”.

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