how to make money on Steam

How to Make Money on Steam Using the Steam Market or Distribution Platform

You should explore the following tips on how to make money on steam  whether you are a game developer, designer, coder, or video game player because Steam provides a few different ways to make money.

Steam is the largest video game digital distribution platform. Close to 18% of PC game sales are purchased through Steam, which has sold about $4.3 billion in games to the over 150 million registered users that use this platform.

Using the Steam Market and Steam Direct to Make Money

There are two primary platforms for making money on Steam. You can either sell or trade items through the Steam Market, or you can attempt to submit a game that you created through Steam Direct.

The Steam Market offers a place to trade items that you earn when playing games, such as trading cards and in-game items. However, the money that you earn goes to your Steam Wallet, which cannot be withdrawn to a bank account.

With Steam Direct, you can release games that you create. This offers a greater potential for profits, but it requires more work.

Trading and Selling Items on the Steam Market

The easiest way to learn how to make money on Steam is to start using the Steam Market. You can save up the trading cards and items that you earn in the games that you play and then sell them on the Steam Market. The money that you earn is then deposited into your Steam Wallet.

While you cannot transfer the money that you earn from your Steam Wallet, you can use these funds to purchase games or buy items on the Steam Market.

The first step to earning money on Steam Market is to save your trading cards. You can typically get up to three cards per game. Some cards are only worth a few cents, while others may be worth a few dollars.

You earn these cards automatically, based on the amount of time you spend playing the game. You get the first card after about 15 minutes and the second card after about 2 hours of gameplay.

Some games also drop in-game items that you can trade and sell on the Steam Market. Popular games, such as PUBG and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS GO), provide the best opportunity for valuable items. These items tend to be more in demand, helping you get more money from your in-game earnings.

When you have enough items, you can visit the Steam Market and list your items for sale. The sales take place automatically when a user decides to purchase your item.

Distributing an Original Game on Steam Direct

If you want to make real money on Steam, the only direct method is to distribute an original game on Steam Direct. You get paid based on the revenue generated from your game sales, including in-game purchases.

Distributing a game on Steam Direct requires a bit of an investment. You need to invest the time and energy to create a game, and you need to invest $100 to get the game added to Steam.

Rules and guidelines for distributing a game via Steam have also changed recently. Steam offers stricter guidelines for acceptable content. However, if you can make a game that people enjoy, there is a potential to earn real money.

Keep in mind that Steam takes a 30% cut of all sales that you generate through your game release. If you manage to sell 1,000 copies of a game that you sell for $1, you may earn about $700. However, the initial $100 deposit is not refunded until you surpass a $1000 payout from Steam.

If you want to increase your chances of releasing a successful game, there a few tips to consider. You should first ensure that your game is fun to play.

The success of your game depends on the feedback from players. If your game generates a lot of negative reviews, fewer people will be willing to buy it to try it for themselves.

There are also steps that you should take to get your game noticed on the Steam platform. Ensure that you have quality screenshots and a gameplay trailer. People want to see what the game looks like before they purchase it.

You should also consider integrating some of the Steam features in your game, such as Steam achievements and trading cards. You should also actively engage with players in the Community Hub for the game that you release.

Alternative Ways to Make Money on Steam

Along with selling items through Steam Market or releasing a game through Steam Direct, there are a few other indirect ways to learn how to make money on Steam.

Skilled designers and coders often offer their services to independent game developers. There is no shortage of developers attempting to release games on Steam Direct.

Developers occasionally need to hire freelancers to complete some of the work. You can search for these opportunities by taking part in discussions and browsing the Steam forums.

Along with developers, you may find hardcore gamers who are willing to commission artwork. These individuals are often willing to spend money on the creation of original artwork for their Steam profiles and in-game content.

Last Thoughts on Making Money on Steam

If you want to know how to make money on Steam, you should first understand that you may not make real money.
When you sell items on the Steam Market, your earnings are placed in your Steam Wallet. You can use your Steam Wallet funds to purchase games and other items. However, you cannot withdraw these funds into your bank account.

The only other option to make money directly through Steam is to sell games that you develop through Steam Direct. In the past year, Steam has tightened their guidelines to reduce the distribution of content that may not be appropriate to all audiences.

If you have the skills to develop an entertaining indie game, you may make some money. There are also individuals who hire a small coding team to bring small indie games to life. These games sometimes generate thousands of dollars. However, there is no guarantee that you will make money.

The bottom line is that making money on Steam is not easy. You can attempt to offer your design or coding services to other developers who are hoping to release their own games. You can also attempt to design and sell your own game or sell and trade items on the Market. Whichever option you choose, you should be prepared to put in a lot of work.