how to make money on SoundCloud

How to Make Money on SoundCloud by Monetizing Your Tracks

If you want to know how to make money on SoundCloud, you may come across a lot of confusing information online. To set the record straight, here is everything that you need to know about the SoundCloud monetization process. SoundCloud is one of the most popular music streaming sites. It allows artists to upload their own music and share it with their fans.

Unlike Spotify, SoundCloud does not compensate artists. This platform is primarily used as a tool for growing a larger fanbase. However, SoundCloud added a monetization feature several years ago, creating the potential for artists to make money from their tracks.

You Need a SoundCloud Premier Account

SoundCloud released a monetization platform several years ago. It allows artists to monetize their tracks by adding an audio advertisement to the track. The ad will play when people stream or download the track, similar to the monetization available on YouTube.

Can anyone learn how to make money on SoundCloud? Unfortunately, the monetization features are not available to everyone.

SoundCloud has tiered memberships. At the bottom is the free SoundCloud Partner account. This account allows you to upload up to three hours of music.

For about $5 per month, you can upgrade to the SoundCloud Pro account. With Pro, you can upload up to six hours of music. SoundCloud also offers a Pro Unlimited plan, which costs a little more and allows unlimited uploads.

With these last two options, you may also pin your top tracks to your profile and view detailed statistics about your tracks. You also need a Pro or Pro Unlimited account to sign up for monetization.

The monetization features are only available to SoundCloud Premier members. This membership option is invite-only for qualified artists.

Determine If You Qualify for SoundCloud Premier

If you qualify for the SoundCloud Premier account, you should receive an email. However, you may also contact SoundCloud if you believe that you meet the necessary requirements to qualify for the Premier account.

SoundCloud only offers the Premier account to independent creators of original music. You must own 100% of the rights to the material that you upload, including the master, publishing, and distribution rights.

Your profile must also have received 1,000 or more streams in the last month. SoundCloud can analyze web traffic to determine if some of these listeners are bots. Bots do not count toward your streaming total.

The location of the streams is also considered. SoundCloud only counts streams from eligible countries. These countries include the U.S., U.K., Ireland, Canada, France, Australia, New Zealand, Germany, and the Netherlands.

Make Your Profile and Tracks Easier to Find and Browse

If you qualify for a Premier account, you can start monetizing your tracks. Simply click on the “Edit” button to edit a track. Click on the “Monetization” tab and click on the button to enable monetization. You are now able to start earning money each time someone listens to or downloads the track.

While the process for monetizing tracks is easy, getting people to find your music requires a little more work. You should start by making your profile and tracks easier to find.

When you edit your tracks, there is a section for adding metadata. This data helps with the placement of your tracks in the search function and helps people discover your music.

You should consider using names that are clear and easy to understand when naming your tracks, albums, and playlists. SoundCloud recommends that you avoid duplicate listings and avoid adding the track number to the track title.

SoundCloud also provides the option of adding a description. You can use this space to share more details about the track, such as credits or lyrics.

People think visually and are attracted by quality images. When scrolling through a list of artists or tracks, they are more likely to click on the ones with professional-looking artwork. Take the time to clean up your images and only use HD photos when editing album or track artwork.

Use Social Media Marketing to Promote Your Tracks

The last step in learning how to make money on SoundCloud requires you to use online marketing techniques to attract a larger fanbase.

You make money based on the number of listens that your tracks receive. If you want to make more money, you need to get more people to listen to your music.

Improving your profile and cleaning up your tracks is a good start. However, you also need to reach out to people on the Internet to help them find your music.

SoundCloud provides several options to help with your social media marketing. You can easily share tracks on Facebook and Twitter.

With Facebook, you can embed your tracks in a Facebook post so people can discover your music without leaving the Facebook app or website. Twitter provides the same ability through embedded tracks on Twitter cards.

If you have a website, you also have the option of embedding a music player on your site. You can add a visual player that includes your album or track artwork. There is also a mini player that takes up less space on the screen.

Along with these steps, you should post regularly on Facebook and Twitter to begin targeting a larger audience. You can post about tour dates, new releases, and other details that your fans may enjoy.

Last Thoughts on How to Make Money on SoundCloud

SoundCloud added monetization features in 2014. However, these features are only available to SoundCloud Premier members, which is an invite-only membership.

Qualified artists should receive an email from SoundCloud letting them know that they are eligible for a Premier account.

Learning how to make money on SoundCloud requires artists to learn the basics of social media marketing. You need to share your tracks on social media, use eye-catching images and descriptions, and promote your tracks on your website.

There’s a lot of ways how to make money online so if you want to make money through SoundCloud monetization, you need to build your audience and get people to listen to your music. This will not come overnight. Remember to stick with it and keep uploading more tracks to build up your SoundCloud discography.