How to Make Money on Pinterest

Are you a college student or a normal housewife looking for making some extra money online? If yes then you have come to the right place. Because today we are going to learn “how to make money on Pinterest By Working From Home”.

Pinterest is a huge image sharing platform getting millions of views per month. it’s a system where you can post images and search for images also. If you like any of them you can pin them like bookmarking a webpage.

Pinterest is full of rich features like, You can create your own pining boards which are similar to groups. People can search for different niche boards to join and interact with other people. You can share as many images as you want to a board created by you. In spite of being an image sharing platform, it’s possible to make a three-figure online income by working on Pinterest from home.

There are lots of people out there already making passive income using the free traffic generated from Pinterest. So it would be a good choice to start making money online on Pinterest as soon as possible.

Your success hugely depends on the hard work and efforts you put into these methods. Because these are not some quick money making tips and tricks to start making a three figure income after a day or two.

If you are passionate about your work and really wish to make some money online on Pinterest by working from home then you will have to work seriously and constantly.

Let’s take a look at various ways to make money online on Pinterest.

1. How To Make Money Using Pinterest Traffic From E-commerce Store

If you are popular in Pinterest or tend to have enough following then you can easily convert that targeted traffic and promote your E-commerce Products directly to your Audience. But in order to make money with this method, you should have an E-commerce store with a variety of products.

Having an E-commerce store can be quite difficult because you need to maintain your online store and keep updating the list of products available on your store

Although you have to set up an E-commerce store to earn money from Pinterest using this method. If you want to know how to do it then you can refer to any video on YouTube and learn step by step process to set up an e-commerce store.

There are some basic things to consider for making money on Pinterest from E-commerce store take a look at them.

  • Creating a profile for promoting your E-commerce store.
  • Adding Interesting Products To Your Store.
  • Pinning High-Quality Product Images Usually.
  • Engaging your audience by giving discounts.
  • Sharing your pins to similar boards.

Those are some basic things you should consider if you really intend to generate some sells and make some money on Pinterest through E-commerce store. you will have to work at least for 3-4 months to be successful in any of the methods you see here. because the money just doesn’t come in your pockets you literally have to work hard for it!

If you think this method is a bit complicated and not suitable for you then don’t worry we have other easier methods also. Kindly continue reading the post to learn more about them.

2. Making money by sending Pinterest traffic to your blog

In spite of There are billions of blogs available worldwide which is more than enough information on the internet. It’s not possible that there is information available on almost all the terms and questions people search for! Because there is no limit to questions in this complicated world.

So everyone tries to create a blog or website of themselves and provide some useful information related to any niche. In which they are expert or have enough experience to share with people. Which makes sense though they are also generating a good amount of income from their blog on a monthly basis.

Pinterest is one of those ways which they use to generate their passive income simply working from home. Now you might be wondering how anyone can make money from their blog by using Pinterest right? well, we are here to guide you with that!

If you have expertise in any field then you can simply start a blog to share your thoughts with other peoples while generating some side income from it. I would suggest you go with platforms like Tumbler, WordPress, Blogspot, Wix, etc.

NOTE: there are different terms and conditions for each platform to enabling monetization on your blog.

First, you’ll have to think of some ideas for publishing some articles which could be anything like tutorials, tips, and tricks related to your specific niche or topic. And provide enough valuable content to generate some organic traffic and get your blog monetized easily.

There are various ways to monetize your blog and make persistent income through it. But the main thing you need to do it is targeted traffic and that’s where Pinterest kicks in! you can share valuable and interesting images to Pinterest related to your niche. Which will create thousands of free traffic to your blog for free!

The main benefit of this organic and free Pinterest traffic is that it’s quality traffic and most of your audience is targeted. The more targeted traffic you’ll get the more the conversion rate will be and people are most likely to buy your products or courses through your affiliate links.

You can use affiliate networks like Amazon associates, Share a sale or other ones for different kinds of products Or you can also use various ad networks available like Google Adsense,, and many more. which may be an accurate way to make money online.

So keep in mind some basic things which are necessary to get that free Pinterest traffic which is listed below.

  • Create some awesome images related to your blog.
  • Make sure the images are unique and high-quality.
  • Make a daily routine and set specific hours for your blog and Pinterest.
  • Get in touch with people having a blog on the same niche.
  • Pin daily on your boards to attract more people.

Now it totally depends on you whether you want to work daily or not on Pinterest to generate that free and targeted traffic to your blog and make some money through affiliate networks or ad networks.

3. Becoming a Pinterest Influencer For Local/Small Business

This method is an interesting one if you really like Pinterest that much. because in this method to make money online on Pinterest you don’t need a website or blog. Rather than redirecting free Pinterest traffic to your blog for increasing ad impressions or making sales through affiliated links you’ll have to manage an official Pinterest account for someone.

If you are interested in this job then you’ll have to take it seriously because you are going to handle some business person’s Pinterest account professionally. Where you might have to work for fixed hours daily.

Now you might be wondering where to find that kind of person who is looking for an influencer who is able to manage the Pinterest account for him/her to grow their business and make a meaningful impact on the market.

You’ll have to play the role of a virtual assistant for providing support and managing various kinds of tasks for your client, But these kinds of jobs are not that easy to find because if you are a newbie and just starting out then most of the people won’t trust you to get their job done!

In order to find and get a job like this, you need to consider some basic things which are as below.

  • Gain enough experience as a Pinterest user.
  • Stand out from other people by posting unique pins.
  • join some of the popular boards and be consistent in pining.
  • Generate a number of following so people can trust you as an authorized person.

As a beginner in this market, you should first reach out to people you know who own a small shop/business online and ask them if they want virtual assistance for Pinterest or not. If they don’t have enough time to manage their Pinterest profile so they are most likely to give you this job so they can focus on other more important works.

Talking about the amount of money you can make from this job totally depends upon you. you can choose to get paid on an hourly basis or to receive a fixed amount of payment at the end of the month via PayPal or directly in your bank account.


In my point of view, there are various money making methods online but Pinterest would be best of them all because of it’s simple to use and understand interface. If you are a newbie and want to make money online then it usually takes a week or two to understand and use Pinterest at it’s fullest.

If you found these methods helpful then please consider sharing this article with your friends and loved ones so they can earn some extra cash also by working from home on Pinterest.

And don’t forget to comment down your favorite method which you like the most to make money online with Pinterest in the comments section below.