How Many Views on YouTube to Make Money?

Are you a YouTuber or thinking about starting a YouTube channel to make money online? Then you’re at the right place because today we will learn all the basics about YouTube Like, How to get started on youtube, How Many Views On YouTube you need to start generating revenue? and clear all your questions related to this particular topic.

YouTube was created by three friends who used to work at a popular online payment company known as “PayPal”. Chad Hurley, Steve Chen, and Jawed Karim were founders of this amazing video sharing platform.

The domain name for YouTube was registered on valentine’s day in 2005. It has 490 million unique users worldwide per month, which results in an estimated 92 billion page views each month. From these stats, you can imagine how much popular YouTube actually is!

In today’s online world it’s becoming more easier and easier to make money online and YouTube is one of those amazing platforms to make money online. But as a beginner, you’ll need some basic information to start making money as a YouTuber.

So before knowing about How Many Views On YouTube To Make Money Online? it’s necessary to know basics about  YouTube the most used search engine worldwide after Google.

Selecting A Particular Niche

Starting out on YouTube is easy if you’re an expert in a particular niche and could provide valuable content to everyone! however, it’s not the same for everyone because not everyone is sure about their specific niche on which they should start working to make some money online.

So the fundamental step for being successful in YouTube is selecting a proper niche. It could be anything you like for example if you like gaming, singing, art & painting then you can make a channel about those topics.

It should be something in which you’re interested and ready to contribute yourself to achieve your goal. Because if you don’t have interest in that niche then you’ll possibly end up in failure because there is a lack of potential in that particular niche you choose.

So consider choosing a great niche to work on and provide useful content to everyone in the world.

Providing Audience Targeted Content

On YouTube, your audience is everything to you because they are the people who watch your content and you get so many views only because of them. To keep your channel growing and making some money you’ll need to create content which is particularly targeted to your specific audience only.

Analyze your audience interests and always try to create content which is interesting for your audience. You can understand this problem in a better way with an example, Imagine that you run a YouTube channel where you teach everyone how to make money online and suddenly after some time you start uploading videos related to gaming!

Your main motive is generating more views on your videos and make some money through the ads provided by advertisers. In order to get those massive amounts of views, you’ll need to keep your audience stuck with you by providing quality content to them.

Don’t hesitate to invest some time to research interesting topics which are more likely to go viral on your channel if you use proper title along with an attractive thumbnail image.

Using Community Tab To Interact With Your Audience

The community tab is an awesome service provided by YouTube which allows you to interact directly with your audience through asking questions, setting answer poles, or providing any information directly to them in the form of text or picture.

If you are just starting on YouTube then this option might not be available for you because it’s only given to those creators who are providing useful content regularly and also have completed 10k + subscribers on their channel.

If you don’t have community tab enabled on your channel then don’t worry you’ll get it soon but consider reading this part also which will be useful for you in the future.

You can share your feelings or personal thoughts regarding anything you like in the community tab of your channel which helps to keep your audience engaged with you and could be helpful to fetch more views on your trending videos.

Now let’s talk about how the ad system in YouTube actually works and on which parameters they pay you for your hard work.

Which Adnetwork does YouTube Use?

Just in case if you don’t know which ad network YouTube uses to show those specific type of targeted ads to each individual, they use Google Adsense which is a product of Google like YouTube. Google Adsense is a kind of content targeting advertising ad network which was launched in 2003.

There are many interesting facts about Google Adsense which you should know about. So let’s take a close look at them!

  • Google Adsense is one of the most used CPC & CPM Adnetwork in the world so far!
  • It is absolutely free to use this Ad network and start making money from home!
  • Adsense will not allow you to open their ads in a new window in a browser.
  • The revenue share in this ad network is 68:32 which means Adsense will keep 32% of the publisher’s earnings!
  • It just simply sells your specific advertising space on your website, app, etc for you.

Now coming to the ad serving factor which is really interesting in this case because Google uses Cookies for each and every individual to collect information related to their interests and searches which is really helpful to google on terms of showing native ads to different users around the world.

It’s essential to show audience targeted ads in order to reach a specific audience although it does not work out every time because some users are very serious about their privacy and interests.

The users will only click on an ad if they are really interested in it so despite showing unnecessary ads, Google Adsense prefers to show more targeted and user-friendly ads so the advertisers will also be happy to see their business grow because of the advertising.

You might be still wondering about your question “How Many Views On YouTube To Make Money Online” right? but it was necessary to know all the basics before going for the answer so keep reading.

How Many Views On YouTube To Make Money Online?

After clearing all the basics you should be able to understand how YouTube actually works. Everyone wants to make money online and YouTube is one of the best platforms to do it. However, you’ll have to be persistent and passionate about it and you should have enough patience also to start earning a stable amount of money from YouTube online.

Most of the people have a YouTube channel and many of them are making a good amount of money out of it but exactly how many views it takes to make money on YouTube? 1$ per 1000 views? or 1$ per 2000 views? actually, it doesn’t work like that.

The ads shown by YouTube are in video form which basically works on a CPC or CPM methods. The CPC stands for Cost Per Click and CPM stands for Cost Per mille. The way of working of both the systems are totally different in CPC you’ll get income when someone clicks on an ad. while in CPM you’ll earn money when ads have shown for a total of 1000 times.

So basically it’s not depended on the number of views because YouTube does not show an ad to every user every time he/she watches content. It’s a totally random process and depends upon your niche if it’s a profitable niche where companies are ready to pay more for advertising then you’ll get more money from those ads and if you’re into a niche where there are not so many people or companies who are paying higher bids for advertising then you might end up generating less revenue compared to others!

Now your revenue totally depends on your audience’s engagement and your niche on which you are providing quality content. Because if your audience clicks on your ads more usually then you’ll get more money compared to other creators on YouTube.

Final Words

Nowadays Making money online is easy if you are capable enough and now the right way to carry out each and every task! Stop being worried about your views to dollars ratio. instead, start working on your videos and deliver the best quality content you can! it’s the only key to success on YouTube.

So I hope that your doubt related to How many views on YouTube to make money is crystal clear now! If you found any useful information in this article then please do me a small favor to share it with your friends and family members so they can also earn some money online from home!

And don’t forget to comment down your best online money making method in the comments section down below! and check out our other posts also if you want to make money online.

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